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Grid Cabinet

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General Introduction

Instructure of Solar photovoltaic

Solar Photovoltaic system is made of PV panel, PV inverter, storage battery, distribution facility, monitor system.

PV panel absorb sunlight and turn it into power; PV inverter turn the DC electricity to AC one. The storage battery keep the power. Distribution facility in charge of transfer the power. PV monitor system monitor the whole process, alarm when there is something happen.


Frame of distributed generation


Grid  Cabinet



Frame of high-power distributed generation


Grid  Cabinet



The importance of grid cabinet


Grid  Cabinet



General Introduction

Liangxin PV Grid cabinet is mounted between inverter and power grid, it can protect either the power grid or the distributed generation from the impulse when there is a problem in the system.


Grid  Cabinet


●According to some investigation, the failure rate of the distributed generation is less than 1%.

●There have been some problems happen which influence the safety of the power grid.

●The power grid needs the distributed generation.

●The power grid has to monitor the data of the distributed generation.


Device Introduction

LX-HL-BOX grid cabinet is mainly used for 380V distributed generation. Its function isaccording to the national standards of distributed power. integrated distributed power supply, micro-grid system and the necessary switching equipment, protection, monitoring and communication functions to meet the distributed power supply active Island detection, automatic safety and networking, protection and security isolation and micro-grid system and off-grid switching control and other requirements.





Grid  Cabinet



Main Features


Grid  Cabinet

●Providing diferent protecting function base on distributed generation and Micro grids.

●Low frequency injection type intentional island testing programme, fast and accurate, cover all the area.

●Good Communication function, Ethernet and RS485 interface, easily setting the connecting net. It supports IEC60870-5-103\ TCP-103\MODBUS-RTU etc.


●Multiple time setting, support internet time-setting, PPS, PPM etc.


Main Features

●The device uses 32-bit high-performance embedded microprocessors, high-capacity RAM and Flash. Memory; the use of SoC solutions, data processing, logic and information storage capacity, fast, high reliability;

●Device with 16-bit high-precision A/D as a data acquisition, high level measurement;

●Plut in type, force and weak electricity separated; Anti-vibration and anti-jam Enhanced case;

●Can save four groups of a total of 400 recent event reports and operational reports, you can save the last 5 times the fault of the recorded data;

●Using touch LCD screen, English display, menu type operation;

●Multi-tasking operating system, modular programming; high reliability;

●18 sets of protection settings, safe and convenient fixed area switch;

●System operation rules can be redefined by the LCD interface, flexible;

●System operation rules can be redefined by remote /PC terminal, flexible application;

●System-assisted power supply using a wide range of power to ensure that will still work if one phase missing;

●DSP chip to ensure that undervoltage, overcurrent, anti-island more accurate;

●Professional voltage, current collecting FFT, more accurate harmonic analysis;

●Large capacity storage capacitor to ensure that break after power grid shut down;

●Upload SOE alarm signal available;

●Grade 0.5 transformer available;

●Extra spot for meter and transformer.


Technical Data

●3.1 Rated Data

Rated voltage:3phase AC380V;

Rated current:100A、225A、400A、630A、800A;

Rated power:50kW、100kW、200kW、300kW、400kW;

Rated frequency:50Hz.

●3.2 Power loss of the device

Power circuits: less than 15W when working; less than 20W when protecting.

Intentional lsland: Less than 10W when it is not islanding; less than 8W when it is islanding.

●3.3 Environment conditions

a. Environment Temperature:


Storage:-25℃+70℃. Relative humidity of not more than 90%, the surrounding air does not contain acidic, alkaline or other corrosive and explosive gas rain, snow indoor; in the limit does not impose the amount of excitation, the device does not appear irreversible changes, After the device should be able to work properly.

b. Relative humidity: The maximum monthly relative humidity of the wettest month is 90%, and the month average monthly minimum temperature is 25 C and the surface is not condensed. The maximum temperature of +40℃, the average maximum humidity of not more than 50%.

c. Atmospheric pressure:80kPa~110kPa.

●3.4 Protection setting range and error

a. Seting range: Curent:0.1~5ln; Volts:10V~470V; Delay:0s~600s.

b. Setting error: Current:<±2.5% or±1A; Volt:<±2.5% or±1V;

●3.5 Accuracy of measurement

a. The resolution of switching value input is less than 2ms;

b. The error of frequency measurement less than±0.02Hz

●3.6 Contact capacity

The breaking contact capacity is 250VA under the condition of that volts less than 250V, current less than 1A. The current goes through is not allowing bigger than 5A.



It use 1.5mmCold-rolled high weathering steel plate painting production, anti-aging, easy to cool. IP20 grade.


Grid  Cabinet

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