Many people in the market offer 10% cheaper than you, why should I choose your company? Can you do the same price?

As a matter of fact, the factories in Guangdong and Zhejiang area are really 10% or even more cheaper than us, but even with such a cheap price, their profit is still higher than ours, the main reasons are:

(1)Their procurement cost of solar cells is low. They always use reverse current and low-efficiency solar cells and never do Flash and EL testing at all. Although the appearance after production is not big difference with A grade solar panels, but the problem of cell cracks and mixed cells of different grades are serious. This is the main cause of the hot spot effect, which can lead to fires.

During the production process, GAMKO has 3 EL tests and 2 Flash tests, which from the string welding machine, intermediate inspection, and final inspection to avoid hidden cracks in the solar cells and the solar cells mixed different grades.

Pictures of Gamko inspection process are as follows:

The consequences of hot spot effect are as follows:

(2)Some factories are poorly equipped and staffed mostly by old people, which will reduce the cost of production, but the consequence is that even if the best materials are used, there's no stable equipment, only relying on manual welding, handling and gluing, which will cause hidden cracks, chipping edges, missing corners, and insufficient glue of the solar panels. All these will affect the efficiency and use life of solar panels. A large number of second-hand panels in the market come from those unqualified factories.

GAMKO factory is set up in accordance with the requirements of tier 1 module production process, and all the equipment alone amounted to 2.5 million dollars.

Pictures of Gamko factory are as follows:

The consequences of unqualified factory process are as follows:

Solar panels are electrical equipment, need to be used for 20-30 years. It’s very easy to bring safety hazards without firm quality. Most of our customers are photovoltaic installation companies and wholesale companies. As long as a quality accident happens, it will bring a devastating blow to their reputation, and if it causes a fire, they will also face serious lawsuit. So that's why we advise our customers to always choose a factory that can provide safety guarantee.

For price, our long-term pricing is 10% lower than tier 1 brands, because we do not have advertising costs, do not need to spend a lot of money on management of overseas office, so we will reduce the cost of these parts. But for the materials, including solar cells, we always use qualified TUV certified products, and can provide the material procurement contracts and lists. A-grade materials plus high specification quality control process, we are very confident in our products.

However, if the customer needs solar panels for off-grid system, no more than 10 panels connect in series (less than 450V, while on grid system needs 1000V), we can use B grade material, which can reduce the price by 5% based on pricelist. Please contact our salesman for more information as well.